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to serve. and new information about what the former head of the cia is saying about an affair that led to the end of his career. abc7 news starts now. >> abc7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> good afternoon. this is just in from san jose place. the man wanted as a suspect in the death of his wife has been found dead. officers tell us they found the body of troy nosenzo in his car this morning off highway 129. the cause of death is believed to be an overdose of sleeping pills. patricia was found dead inside her home friday morning. police said they previously had many trips to the home for domestic violence calls. >>> our other top story, the weather. let's take a live look outside. this is mt. diablo. a sunny day but it didn't feel like it with freezing temperatures in spots overnight. snow in the sierra. this is a look at heavenly. higher elevations received up to 18 inches of snow. frigid temperatures have allowed ski resorts to frank up the snow making machines. let's get the latest on the cold weather from meteorologist leigh glaser. >> you see for yourself much o
former cia agents to debunk snowfall bond myths. >> skyfalls delivers the heart pumping scenes you expect from bond. but how many men bond's age can follow a car chase with a fistfight on top of a moving train, being shot and fall to what appears to be certain death. marty martin and robert are both former cia spies and both served in dangerous posts, places where it would have meant certaining death if they were discovered. cnn got them to talk and expose the myths of bond. myth number one. spies have superhuman abilityz. >> false. i witch we did but often times it just takes a jump off an eight foot wall and you're limping and seeing a doctor. >> bond myth number two. style is a spy's best weapon. >> it can be and may not necessarily conform to other people's sense of style. >> you have to know how to wear different clothing. you're dressing a little different, a different sense of style if you're in the court of the king of moore morocco. >> bond myth number 3, it's easier to work alone. >> the extent you can limit the point office failure, the better off you are, in the last ten yours
for someone else. >> gathering images from above isn't for the cia or the pent can go. this copter is marked with cameras that can film above and below. sorry, no major price slashing year but brookstone says they're flying off the shelves. >> with sales starting early, cyber monday may be a thing of the past. wal-mart says they'll start to map prices from november 1st november 1st through christmas day. >> ama: people getting out and shopping. the weather cooperate be better, leigh. >> leigh: it has just been terrific, also for traveling across the state this holiday weekend, and for those who may be heading back across the state, tomorrow looks like a good travel day as well. high definition mt. tamalpais camera showing mainly clear sky across the bay area. san francisco right there, and live doppler 7 hd starting to pick up on a few low clouds just off the coast. getting into more of a northerly wind flow. there they are. and some some of these clouds wl move inland overnight tonight. start to spill in towards san francisco, and as well as the peninsula, over towards the east bay. so, kee
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3